About Key Clamp Store

about key clamp store

Key Clamp is ideal for a lot of uses... It has uses in retail, industry, safety and play! Easy to build, and easy to cut to suit, a simple hex key is all that is needed to join the clamps together. No welding, and no glue.

It's clever design allows projects to be simplified, however large they are. By simplifying the installation it can save costs, by simplifying the design it saves planning time and resources.

A well established product...

You may have seen key clamp used all around the world, as safety barrier on bridges, roads & railways, shopping malls, car parks and rivers/lakes. For any project, we can supply the rail, fittings, and know how to help you complete the design and installation - If you are unsure of anything, give us a call! Some of the more elaborate uses of key clamp we have seen include tables, chairs, clothes rails, curtain rails, shelves and even gaming chair "arcade" setups.

Key Clamps sold by us may carry the following brands or trademarks: Interclamp, Pipeclamps, Quikclamp, Tubeclamps, Q Clamp, Fastclamp, Alvin Keyclamp and JM Clamp. We can supply specific brands on demand, but these may not be available at the same price as we offer on site, as we simply buy in bulk, at the cheapest price available, so we can pass those savings on. Kee Klamp is the original design of clamps, and all systems above are fully interchangeable with Kee Safety branded clamps. All systems are designed to work with standard imperial bore galvanised tubing. All trademarks shown above belong to the corresponding copyright owners. They are shown here for the benefit of inter compatibility and customer information only.

The industrial style furniture revolution has brought us a myriad of extra usage for these key clamps. You have the ability to age, paint, and effect clamps to provide a better more industrial soul to our "new" clamps, and we can advise hints and tips on how to achieve the look you require.

We hope you find all you need on our site, and hope that you have a pleasant purchasing experience with us. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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