Key Clamp Size Guide - Clothing Rails

We often get asked the question - what size is best for clothing rails. As key clamp becomes more popular, we would like to share our thoughts on the size required, and why we think that this is the best choice.


3 of the Key Clamp Sizes, 27mm, 34mm and 42mm will take a coathanger, but 42mm - only just! Most coathangers will just squeeze on to 42mm tubing - this means its hard to slide clothes back and forth, and, premature wearing of the galvanised coating on the tubing. In short - 42mm isnt a wise choice.


27mm tends to be used extensively for in-home projects, and does work under most circumstances, however, it can look a bit 'weedy' when its holding up several items of clothing. The items tend to mute the industrial style of the rail (which is the whole point, right?) and doesnt show up so well.


34mm tubing is perfect. Hangers fit on without too much air around them, can move back and forward, and the thicker tubing makes a bold statement when several garments are on the rail - the industrial vintage look you are going for isnt lost. Unless the clothes are extremely heavy, 34mm tube will span lengths of 2-3m with ease, and is our tube diameter of choice for garment display / rails.


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